When do you meet?

Our chapter schedules daily morning and afternoon playgroups, as well as other activities for moms and children. We have a monthly Moms Night Out and occasional family activities scheduled for evenings and weekends. A jam-packed calendar of activities is distributed to our members monthly. All scheduled meet ups are completely optional. 

Is there a cost to join the MOMS Club® of Norriton?

Yes. Annual dues are currently $30. The dues cover administrative expenses, guest speakers, holiday parties, meeting space costs, etc.

Can I just attend a club activity without joining?

Our bylaws state that you must be a paid member to participate in any club activities or playgroups, due to liability concerns. After you join you will receive information about our playgroups as well as our calendar of many other activities each week!

I'm not sure if I want to join. Can I try it out first? 

Yes! Contact us to attend an upcoming club meeting or public playgroup.

I work full-time, but I’d like to meet other moms. Can I join? 

All mothers are welcome to join, though the schedule of activities and events caters to stay-at-home and part-time-working moms. That is, almost all MOMS Club playgroups and events take place on weekdays, generally between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

I don’t live in the East Norriton, West Norriton, Norristown, Plymouth Meeting area, but I have a friend in your club. Can I join the MOMS Club of Norriton?

MOMS Club International sets boundaries for each individual chapter for a few reasons. First, as the children get to know each other while they are growing up, many of them will end up attending the same school when they live nearby to each other. Second, from a practical standpoint, it is more convenient for meetings, playgroups, and other gatherings that members all live within a few miles of each other. There are several other MOMS Club chapters that serve the communities in the surrounding areas, please visit momsclub.org to find one in your local area. If there is no local club where you live and you live near the Norriton area…contact us and we can look into you joining.

My child is just a few months old. Is it worth it for me to join now, or should I wait until she/he is older and can participate in the activities?

MOMS Club is a support and activities organization, available to stay-at-home and part-time-working mothers. Whether your child is six weeks old, six months old, or six years old, you need support! While your child may be too young to participate in some of our special events, there are frequent playgroups, which have at least one mom with an infant in them. These gatherings allow you to connect with moms who are going through – or recently did – the same things you are: challenges with feeding, sleeping through the night, introducing solids, learning to crawl, and the first word. As for other activities – whether a gathering in someone’s home or an outing – as a member, you are always welcome to come and bring your baby. We encourage you to join so that you can socialize for yourself - that's what new moms need!